motivational speaker, keynote speaker, fufurist, humorist, trainer
motivational speaker, trainer, humorist, futurist, keynote speaker, expert
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Tim Wright
Wright Results

Topics: Motivation / Performance / Sales & Service

Tim WrightTim Wright learned from a near-fatal accident that we all possess tools to "blow the lid off" our performance. Tim uses those tools to leverage his successes. He will show your audience they can too.

Tim’s real-life stories and interactive presentations show his audience that every one has plenty of the stuff for power performance. He inspires executives, senior managers, sales pros, representatives to use the tips and tactics that fill his presentations. More than 20 years' experience as manager, executive, and entrepreneur fuel and fire Tim’s work.

Tim’s keynote presentations demonstrate his creativity, energy and humor. Tim weaves creative vignettes, energetic activities and tons of humor through every keynote. His content enriches audiences’ ownership of these three powers.

You and your audience will gain:

  • Motivation to make a personal difference in performance.
  • Improved communications to expedite team efforts.
  • Team abilities to reach goals, readily and quickly.
  • On-the-job morale and motivation that produce results.

Tim works with associations, organizations, and teams. He works with individuals from front-lines to executive offices

Tim has delivered to health care, telecommunications, IT, career management, financial and insurance clients. Tim lives up to his company’s name: Wright Results. He delivers stronger attitudes, streamlined processes, motivated employees and teams, customer delight and retention, success metrics and follow-up consulting.

Tim Wright
Wright Results
2604 Collingwood Drive
Round Rock, TX 78662

Fee Range: $2,500-5,000

Austin/San Antonio, TX - Will travel worldwide

Take Charge! Accept the Challenge to Star!

    This presentation inspires the individual in her work environment or in his everyday life. Tim explores the value "making a difference" in all parts of life has for everyone.First, Tim explores how to recognize and appreciate the many ways each audience member "makes a difference". Then Tim works with the audience to develop ways they can take that to the next level. Specific strategies. Real-time tactics.  True stories that immediately enable everyone to make a bigger, better, brighter difference: to their coworkers, customers, family members, friends and Self.

Take Charge! How to Make Your Teams Make a Difference

    This program helps your teams work better, faster, and smarter so they will accomplish more, faster and better, for your organization. This program is complete as a 60-minute motivational keynote or a 6-hour seminar/workshop. Each of the 5 concrete modules fulfills valuable, applicable objectives your teams can put to use at once.  Trust + Focus + Time Mastery + Communications + Coaching = Your Make-A-Difference Team. This program has been Tim's most popular since June 2001.

Take Charge!How to Make A Difference in Sales & Service

Customer service should begin before the customer buys. Tim's program provides specifics in how to move past mere customer satisfaction. As a keynote presentation or a hands-on workshop this program covers specific “how-tos” in customer communications, customer satisfaction, customer information, and customer follow-through. Tim presents the details of specific, proven "make a difference" tactics. He does the research to insure that the tactics he presents fit perfectly with his audience’s sales strategy. This program helps sales and service teams develop and implement their own "make a difference" strategy.
(703) 262-0361

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