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    Sally_Strackbein-100-sqrDiscover how your own stories can bring your presentations to life and really engage your audience. The best way to become a great speaker is to practice speaking. Sign up to attend a Speakshop® seminar at Let Sally Strackbein show you how you can be a world-class speaker.

    “Sally has been instrumental in helping me develop my storytelling abilities to beyond what I could imagine. She has given me structure, design, and the skills I need to craft any story. I use her techniques whenever I practice, whenever I craft a new story, and whenever I retool an existing one that needs more punch.  She is just simply fabulous at bringing out the heart of my stories. I always hear her at my shoulder when I tell a story.” —Marsh Lindquist, Speaker and CEO, The Management Link

E-Commerce - Watch Money Show Up In Your Bank Account --While You Sleep!

    Sell your services and your products online. Sell your books and tapes. Sign people up for your seminars and workshops. Get the easiest shopping cart to set up and get your merchant account so you can accept credit card payments: Professional Cart Solutions

Need a Fantastic Mentor for Your Speaking Businss?

ArnoldSanowWe enthusiastically endorse Arnold Sanow! Arnold works with people who want to start, build and grow a solid speaking/ training business. Arnold will provide you with a tailored program customized to your needs, your concerns and your challenges. His step by step coaching and systematized approach will save you time, money and help you to avoid costly mistakes.

Listing Editing and Writing Service

    We offer writing and editing help. We discovered a writing professional who has a real gift for turning an ordinary listing into something extraordinary that stands out! If you are struggling with writing your listing or if you want your existing Speaker Zone listing to be really catchy and professional, hire our editor to help you.

    You can use your Speaker Zone listing copy for your printed materials too!

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