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motivational speaker, trainer, humorist, futurist, keynote speaker, expert
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Tess Morael
Pro Communications

Topics: Golf / Image / Sales and Marketing

Tess MoraelI focus on the development of my clients' professional successes, improved results and better performance through golf, image, etiquette, and communication skills. My tailored programs are specifically designed to reach sales and marketing experts, business owners, managers and executives who want to measurably increase their business through playing golf. My expertise comes from 20 years of experience as a successful business owner. Known as the "golf expert" I am the author of "Drive Your Golf game to Success", the only book that includes golf etiquette and the strategy of golf and business.

My clients include the private sector, public sector and associations. I am a member of NSA-DC (National Speaker Association, DC Chapter), Toastmasters International, Fashion Group International. I earned a degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology. I am the only speaker to offer a Golf Style Analysis.

Tess Morael
Pro Communications
PO Box 9223
Arlington, VA 22209

(800) 545-9536

Fee Range: $1,500-2,500

VA, DC, MD - Worldwide

Improving Your Swing in the Course of Business

    "Some of my biggest business deals were made on the golf course." Tess will give you the tools to become part of the 10% business elite who uses golf as an effective business tool. A profitable golf outing is the result of three distinct phases: Pre-Game Planning, Game Day, and Post-Game Follow-up. Participants will learn to select the players, manage the game, keep a conversation, play with any handicap, play in a tournament, use the 19th hole to their advantage, make new clients on the links, and the different golf styles/personalities.

Eagle Your Manners on the Links

    People are judged by the way they play the game. Participants will learn to: Develop confidence, improve relationships with clients, prospects and/or colleagues, use the "Seven Golden Rules", be relaxed while improving their game. Participants will understand the importance of body language, gestures, dress code, equipment, and the difference between private and public golf courses.

10 Steps to Corporate Image Excellence

    Our image screems silent messages. How to manage your image is the secret Tess provides to her audience. Attendees will learn the six keys to corporate image: clothing personality, fit, color, accessories, grooming, and coordination. They will learn the importance of the five seconds first impression, communication through body language, how the way we dress affects all the accomplishments of our personal and professional lives. They will understand proper fit from head to toe, the difference between casual and weekend wear, about body shape, fabrics and patterns, and how to look best in any situation.
(703) 262-0361

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