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motivational speaker, trainer, humorist, futurist, keynote speaker, expert
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Sylvia Henderson, MBA
Springboard Training

Topics: Communication / Life Balance / Presentation Skills

Sylvia HendersonSylvia Henderson is a trainer, seminar facilitator, speaker and writer.  She is founder and CEO (Chief Everything Officer) of Springboard Training.  Sylvia spent over twenty years with IBM and America Online as a corporate trainer and manager.

Sylvia helps businesses, associations, education and youth organizations communicate and present information powerfully and creatively and speaks about life-balance and success.  She tailors her messages to meet the specific needs of her clients. Her passion is to improve lives by empowering people with skills for success.  She believes small businesses and organizations with limited budgets deserve quality service, which is why she lists with Cheap Speakers.

Sylvia earned Education and MBA degrees. She is an ATM-level Toastmaster and her professional affiliations include the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), Toastmasters International, the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE), and National Speaker's Association.

Sylvia Henderson
Springboard Training
8787 Branch Avenue - #183
Clinton, MD 20735
(301) 646-1668
FAX: (301) 856-8000

Fee Range: $1,500-2,500

DC, VA, MD - Will travel within United States and Canada

Hear Me Roar: Present (and Communicate) With Power!

    Your effectiveness as a professional and as a person directly relates to how well you communicate. Participants learn or review effective communication skills for the workplace and for life.  Skills include active listening, verbal and non-verbal signals, giving and receiving feedback, written (e-mail) communication, and formal business presentation and public speaking skills.

    Explore how to present the "whole person" as more than just the message. We can include videotaping and critiquing presentations as an option. We can also add techniques that work for getting recognized and getting ahead professionally to this seminar, if requested.

Born to be Wild: Manage Priorities and Balance Your Life

    Time management systems are superfluous to making decisions about the priorities in your life. Learn principles behind effective time management regardless of whether you use a paper or electronic system or have someone else keep your schedule.  Use time to balance your life and achieve your goals for success.

    As a keynoter, the speaker uses balancing a motorcycle as a metaphor for balancing time and attention between four areas of life energy-self, family/friends, career, and universe.  Analogies to motorcycling can also be made to establishing strong communication skills, solving problems, maintaining positive atta-tudes, and starting the day for success.

Customize With Accessories: Toys R Tools(tm) / Creative Presentation and Training Tools and Visuals

    What do paper airplanes, Hoberman spheres, twisty toys or creative charting have to do with training, presentations, and speeches?  A lot if you want to capture (and keep) your audience's attention, clarify complex information, and increase the chances your audience will retain your message.

    This session is for presentation professionals and trainers. Participants examine when, why, and how to integrate  props and creative visuals into their presentations and training, identify tools that support a variety of messages, and leave with individual plans for how they will apply this experience (and possibly, with a toy of their own).
(703) 262-0361

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