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Rasheda Worthy
Worthy Institute, LLC

Family / Parenting / Relationships

Rasheda WorthyAfter becoming a teenage single parent, MSW, Rasheda Worthy has dedicated her personal and professional career working with teens, families and communities to improve the teen relationship between parents, schools, professionals and in the community.  Today's teens are misunderstood and the social culture that teens have created have established a gap in communication and the relationships between teens and adults.  Rasheda offers a well informed, humorous and strategy based presentation about effective strategies to improving communication, programs and services and parenting to teens. Participants will find this presentation informative, educational and real!  Rasheda offers you a perspective that you haven't heard before.  You want to hear what she has to say about the teen you know or love!  Her story shares an experience that you must see!

Rasheda Worthy
Phoenix, AZ

Fee Range: $1500-$ 2500
will negotiate fees for non profits

AZ - Will travel

The Life and Times of a Teenager

This presentation offers parents and professionals insight into the life of a teenager today.  The presentation offers captivating stories that address real life issues related to teens.  Participants will receive information about the motivations for behaviors and address various experiences of teens.  The information will explore situations related to teen dating, self esteem, decision making and health relationships. This presentation can be designed to target a teen audience OR adults and professionals. The speaker will talk to teenagers and they will LISTEN!

Understanding at Risk Teens

It is understood that our youth face many challenges.  It is necessary to approach our youth from a core life skills perspective before we are able to begin influencing their attitudes and behaviors.  This presentation addresses social, health and academic issues.  Participants will receive effective strategies that improve service in programs that impact teens. The presentation also provides a unique perspective that addresses racial and ethnic populations.

Parents Just Don't Understand Teenagers

This presentation offers parents and professionals answers on how to create and support healthy happy teens. Presentation information includes topics related to communication, discipline, and how to parent teens in today's social culture. The focus of the presentation is around healthy parenting and developing a healthy relationship with teens.
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