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Humor in the Workplace

Mike Moore
Motivational Plus

Mike Moore, Humor in the workplace speakerTopics: Stress Management /Interpersonal Relationships / Personal Growth

Ever since reading Norman Cousin's book, Anatomy of an Illness, I have been interested in the therapeutic power of humor. The subject fascinated me so much that I wanted to learn more. Humor therapy became my passion and my joy.

It wasn't long before I began speaking about the therapeutic benefits of humor to companies, organizations and professional groups. The more I studied and spoke, the more convinced I became of the power of humor and laughter to work their magic on strained relationships everywhere. Not only does humor foster individual physical well being, it also does wonders for social well being and health as well. I became convinced of the truth in the saying "LIVE BETTER, LAUGH MORE."

When you hire Mike, it's like getting a whole team of entertainers--a speaker, humorist, musician, cartoonist and storyteller--for the price of one! And your group will leave his presentation feeling entertained and ready to bring about positive change.

" Rarely are evaluations of presentations returned with such glowing praise!"
Janet Armstrong Area Manager, Mississauga Library System
Mississauga ON Canada

Mike Moore
Motivational Plus
193 Balmoral Dr.
Brantford ON Canada N3R7S2

Fee Range: $1,500-2,500

Toronto and Southern Ontario Canada -
Will travel internationally

For 26 years I have spoken to companies, organizations and professional groups on the following topics...

Mike Moore, Humor in the workplace speakerLet the Laughter Begin

    Use humor and laughter to improve health and well-being, along with simple strategies for using humor effectively at home, at work and at play

Dealing with Difficult People

    Use humor and laughter to solve people problems in the workplace and improve morale, productivity and employee health

Mining the Moment

    Heal the stresses of life by searching for, finding and celebrating the humor all around us

Create the "Thank God It's Monday" Workplace

    Combine humor, laughter, appreciation and praise to improve employee motivation, productivity and satisfaction-because every organization's most valuable inventory is its people, not its products
(703) 262-0361

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