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Michael Ruffino
Jail is Stale-Stop and Think Before You Act

Michael RuffinoFamily /Motivation / Crime

I suffered a head injury and it has led to marriage, family and legal problems. I would like to tell my story about how life can change so quickly and how jail is not the place to be. I would like to share this message with teens and adults. I have other important messages that will help teens and adults get through life.

Michael Ruffino
Wentsville, MO

Fee Range: $0-$2,500

MO - Will travel

Head Injuries and Concussions
I will discuss what a head injury and concussion is. I will also discuss what happens when you get a concussion. I will also talk about how important it is to tell someone when you have a head injury, and the symptoms that can follow a head injury.

Jail is Stale
This presentation will talk about how being in Jail is very stale. I will tell my whole story about my stay. By hearing this, my goal is to keep teens and adults from ever committing a crime to end up in jail. I will also talk about how many prisons and jails there are in comparison to universities. I will also talk about how populated the jails and prisons are. Last of all I will discuss the dangers you are put through while in jail.

Stop and Think
This presentation shares the message about how important it is to stop and think before we act. It is so very important to take the time to think. It can change your life in a heartbeat by making the wrong choice. I will talk about how believing in yourself is so important. In this presentation I will talk about how important it is to always do your personal best and not someone else's best. We are all different. I will also talk about how if you have a dream, do not keep it from anyone, family and friends can help pursue your dreams. I truly believe that if we all share our thoughts, we can help each other in a positive way. I believe if we can learn from others mistakes, this can help us all in a uplifting and positive way.


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