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motivational speaker, trainer, humorist, futurist, keynote speaker, expert
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Marsha Lindquist

Marsha Lindquist, business speakerMarsha Lindquist, a business strategist for over 15 years, works with corporate executives and their organizations in assisting them in building and growing their businesses.  Marsha speaks on negotiations, business development and people issues relating to creating a profitable and positive work environment.

  • Marsha draws on her proven "down in the trenches" business experience, creativity, and participative manner to provide real business solutions.  She gives "how to" easy to implement business solutions they can use now!  
  • Marsha works with people 'til they "get it". Her results happen by focusing on personal service. It naturally follows that her sessions contains the entire business solution!  You get the benefits of all of her business experience! 
  • Marsha's presentation style is energetic and spontaneous. Her audiences feel at ease, inspired and relaxed.
  • Marsha is an organized presenter and pays incredible attention to details - thorough research of her subject and your audience.
  • She is the author of several published business articles and her most recent book,
    Why Are You Still Working Your A** Off? Because Marsha is an author, attendees would rather listen to someone who has written a book and can communicate in both the written and spoken word.

Marsha Lindquist
The Management Link
Prescott, AZ
301-948-6130 or 480-473-9977

Fee Range: $2,500-5,000
will speak for free occasionally

DC, MD, VA and AZ - Will travel.

Negotiating Can be Fun - "The Real Truth" About Negotiations

    Negotiation is a life skill and an art.  Learn the secrets and enjoy the process instead of dreading what you anticipate as a conflict. 

Is Your Office Stressed Out? - Making Enlightened Play Work

    At many companies, workers are encouraged to relieve stress in creative ways and are welcomed to lighten up their day.  Discover how enlightened firms break from some of the traditional and expected corporate norm - and the companies reap the benefits.  

Get 'Em, Love 'Em, Keep 'Em - Building Better Client Relationships

    Making your client relationships flourish is the key to keeping your business and to making it grow. Find out tips and techniques for effectively and successfully making your client relationships last forever.

Profit is Not a Four Letter Word - Winning Profitable Business

    Learn the secrets of obtaining higher profits and getting higher margins in good times as well as bad.  Put yourself on the fast track with easy to implement solutions.

"Marsha Lindquist is a true expert in the area of negotiations and building businesses. I would highly recommend Marsha Lindquist to any large or small business that is looking to either correct business problems or take their organization to another level."

      Julian C. Houston, Business Development Director
      BP Amoco Polymers, Inc.
(703) 262-0361

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