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Louis C. Phillips
Phillips' Consulting

Topics: Winning Social Security Disability Hearing Strategies

Learn how to win more Social Security Disability hearings.

  • Improve your winning percentage of Social Security Disability hearings
  • Reduce your preparation time for Social Security Disability hearings
  • Focus your examination of your client, vocational expert, and corroborative witnesses for Social Security Disability hearings

Louis C. Phillips has over 20+ years experience as a Vocational Expert (8-years in private practice). He has testified at thousands of Social Security Disability hearings and evaluated hundreds of clients for attorneys presenting cases to the administration. Additionally, he speaks and trains individuals and small groups of attorneys about issues related to the Social Security Disability hearings process.

His experience provides a unique perspective, having observed, analyzed, and critiqued thousands of Social Security Disability hearings. His seminars are both excellent and practical.

    Mr. Phillips has earned respect from the professional legal community. I strongly urge you to consider Mr. Phillips. - Katherine Allen, Attorney at Law

    Mr. Phillips is extremely competent and qualified in his field. --Lauren Oray, Attorney at Law

    Mr. Phillips has a thorough knowledge of vocational rehabilitation principles, theories, and Social Security regulations. - Dan R. Cohen, Attorney at Law


Louis C. Phillips
Phillips' Consulting
14571 E. Mississippi Ave, #207
Aurora, Colorado 80012

Fee Range: $1,500-2,500

All states, except Colorado

Seminar / Workshop / Speech Program offerings:

  • Acquiring New Clients - This workshop teaches attorneys and representatives to identify and screen new clients.
  • The role of the Vocational Expert - The Vocational Expert is not an adversary in these proceedings. If examined properly, they can help to strengthen your client's claim for disability.
  • The Sequential Evaluation Process - This workshop focuses on steps #4 (can you perform any work you have done in the past?) and #5 (do your impairments prevent you from performing any other work which exists in significant numbers in the local or national economy?). If a hearing is scheduled, it generally means a decision could not be reached at step #3 (do you have any impairment(s) that meets or equals a listing?).
  • Analyzing Grid Rulings (medical-vocational guidelines)- Attorneys often overlook this argument when a case is ripe for a disability determination based on an appropriate grid ruling.
  • Transferable Skills Analysis - This seminar teaches how vocational experts identify transferable skills and their significance in evaluating disability.
  • Understanding Hypotheticals - This workshop clarifies one of the most misunderstood aspects of the process.
  • Winning Strategies for Clients age 50+ - Understanding the implications of age on grid rulings
  • Hearing Strategy Workshop- How to win social security disability hearings.

In addition, learn Louis C. Phillips’ marketing strategy for attorney's/representatives to screen and identify new clients. “If interested, please inquire by e-mail or I will be happy to take your call."
(703) 262-0361

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