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Linda Terczak
Transformation Strategies

Success / Goals / Taking Responsibility

Linda TerczakLinda Terczak is founder and president of Transformation Strategies based out of Naples Florida. She is a former Advertising Sales Manager working for several Fortune 100 companies and an entrepreneur who owned a small chain of restaurants in the Chicago area.

Ten years ago Linda began researching and studying metaphysics out of personal need to find answers to lives most challenging questions such as “who am I” and “why am I here”.  She became fascinated with the subconscious mind as a part of her own self-discovery and became a Certified Hypnotherapist in 1999.

Linda’s inspirational message mirrors that of Jack Welsh former CEO of General Electric who said several years ago: “the secret to success is changing the way you think”.  Her teachings are based on how and why we sabotage ourselves through our own hidden belief systems.

In 2002 Linda authored “The Secret Source of Success” as a way of assisting other business people design and realize their goals. She has been described as a dynamic and engaging inspirational speaker with a true fire in the belly for her program.

Linda will inspire your audience to become self-reliant and manifest their desires.

Linda Terczak
Transformation Strategies
4610 St Croix Lane
Suite 1035
Naples, Florida 34109


Fee Range: $1,500-2,500

SE or SW Florida - Will travel anywhere

The Secret Source of Success

“The secret of success is changing the way you think”
Jack Welch, former CEO GE


Corporate Success is created and sustained by the collective root thoughts of you and all company employees and must be directed properly to yield positive results. Group thoughts coagulate or stick together, making an effect similar to a magnet, that draws events to it, creating the circumstances and behaviors that you are experiencing today. You are free the moment you do not look outside yourself and blame someone else for these experiences.  But how do you manage the magnet effect, become self-reliant and realize a successful future? These concepts with answers are the cornerstone teachings of “The Secret Source of Success”, a 3-hour workshop given by Transformation Strategies.


Companies today are all looking for competitive advantages to produce revenue growth and profits. “The Secret Source of Success” shows how any company can harness the mind power of its workers to create a prosperous and abundant environment. Some departments may need innovative ideas while others may need better working relationships with each other or customers. Still others may need more sales.  The tools learned in this workshop can deal with any situation because it gets to the root cause from which all things are created - the mind and its thoughts.

Changing your company from the inside out – literally – is a message that is extremely pragmatic.  It is the only way to implement lasting change.  Can you build a house without a foundation? Most other programs are notoriously ineffectual because they fail to get at the foundation of an issue and assume a person is in a neutral state to receive information.  People are not in neutral states, this workshop demonstrates negative and hidden beliefs in scarcity that hijack a persons thoughts without them knowing it. Because of its unique nature most people find the information an uplifting relief resulting in comments such as “unbelievably eye-opening” and “helpful in how to achieve my goals and keep them in focus”.


The director of Futures Research and Trading Strategy at a large Financial Institution insists that the most successful traders in the stock market believe they have won the game before they begin.  This is an example of shifting perception, one of the main objectives of the workshop. Everyone should feel soulfully engaged by the time they leave, understanding:

  1. Thoughts create outcomes / beliefs create behaviors
  2. Everyone is their own “source” and taking personal responsibility crystallizes self-reliance
  3. Quantum Physics proves it is possible to choose differently and turn around unfortunate business circumstances in mid-stream, especially with group mind power
  4. How to use my “recipe for success” to co-create any goal you desire
(703) 262-0361

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