motivational speaker, keynote speaker, fufurist, humorist, trainer
motivational speaker, trainer, humorist, futurist, keynote speaker, expert
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John Madden

Topics: Customer Service / Humor / Performance Improvement

John Madden helps organizations and people become more successful through humor. He does this by sharing practical techniques and insights, which have worked for him and others.

John is an International speaker, trainer, and consultant who formerly managed multiple hotels and restaurants in Europe and here in the United States.

He has presented lectures and seminars to all industries throughout this country and abroad - on customer service, creative problem solving, coaching skills, and stress reduction through humor.

John is a member of the National Speakers Association and has authored several articles and recordings on customer service, success attitudes, and creative problem solving.

Six years speaking in over 100 cities and several countries. Keynoter (opening, closing, after-dinner), and seminar presenter at conventions. In-house training for various industries and government. Emcee at awards and auction banquets. Host on PBS membership drive.

John Madden
2542 Winstead Circle
Wichita, Kansas 67226s
 316-689-6932, 1-800-301-2924

Fee Range: $2,500-5,000

Wichita, Kansas - and surrounding areas. Will travel to all cities and most countries.

"Stress Down With Humor"

    In today’s radically changing world, everything is moving faster; work demands are greater; and being stressed-out is, for many, a way of life. It doesn’t have to be ! Be more successful by incorporating laughter and humor in your job.

    John Madden will show you:

    • how to enhance your business and social communications with others through humor.
    • how to solve business and personal problems by getting a different perspective and developing your creative mind.
    • how to capitalize on the magic of self-effacing humor and accelerate your own success by winning the respect and cooperation of others.

"Moments of Truth" - Repeat Customers, Guaranteed!

    Only 4% of people who have a problem with  service ever complain - but most never return!  How do you motivate yourself and your staff to give great service while coping with all the obstacles in your business and in your job in today’s highly competitive world ?

    John Madden will show you:

    • How to kill mediocrity and win loyal customers for life.
    • How to motivate yourself and your employees toward excellence.
    • How to take care of the four needs of every customer every time.
    • How to convert angry customers to future ambassadors for your business.

"You're In Charge" - Coaching For High Performance

    In today’s very competitive world, your success as a manager will be measured by the performance of your people. Now, more than ever, you depend on the active participation and commitment of your employees to achieve your business goals..

    John Madden will show you:

    • How to add a new dimension to your management/supervisory skills, that of coaching.
    • How to motivate people to perform at their best.
    • How to figure out why some employees don’t do what they’re supposed to do, and how to turn that around for immediate results.
(703) 262-0361

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