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Entrepreneurism and Business Growth

Herb Rubenstein
Growth Strategies, Inc.

Herb Rubenstein, author, speaker, entrepreneurismSpeech Topics: Entrepreneurism /
Business Growth / Strategic Leadership

Entrepreneur and speaker, Herb Rubenstein, is the co-author of the book, Breakthrough, Inc. - High Growth Strategies for Entrepreneurial Organizations and President of Growth Strategies, Inc., a strategic planning firm. Herb has advised companies that have grown from 2 employees to 55 employees in less than three years. He has served as the futures planner for the NFL Alumni Association, Inc. and is an Adjuct Professor of Entrepreneurism at George Mason University.   He has created a nationwide consulting firm in just three years with clients in California, Texas, Australia, Florida, D.C, Maryland and Virginia and other states. His speeches lead his audiences to understand key topics of entrepreneurism and business success strategy.

Breakthrough, Inc. - Herb Rubenstein, entrepreneurismHerb has spoken at the World Futures Society's International Conference the past two years, the Strategic Leadership Network's 1999 Conference, spoken at seminars produced by George Mason University, has spoken at numerous business conferences and has been a trial lawyer with over 200 trials completed during the past 20 years.  He has given a dozen speeches on his book and has a TV Show called "Growth Strategies, Inc." on Fairfax County Public Access TV.

Herb Rubenstein
Growth Strategies, Inc.
4216 Thornapple Street
Chevy Chase, MD 20815
301 718-4200
202 236-7626

Fee Range: $1,500-2,500

DC, MD, VA - Will speak in the area from NY to Richmond, VA. Will also travel.

Entrepreneurism -The New Strategies

    25 - 45 minute speech plus questions and answer period plus several articles that I have written for the entrepreneur.

Breakthrough Growth for Your Company or Non-Profit

    An interactive one hour presentation/discussion designed to identify new business growth strategies for your organization to grow with the full support of your employees, key staff and stakeholders.

The New Art of Strategic Planning

    A 25-45 minute speech plus questions and answers plus a article created by the speaker to assist people in using strategic planning tools in new ways to enhance the performance and growth of their organizations.
(703) 262-0361

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