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Heidi Herman

Heidi and Ieda HermanFolk Tales /Motivation
Story Performance

Ieda Herman and her daughter Heidi are a powerful combination guaranteed to motivate, charm and invigorate your spirit. At 90 years young, Ieda has a zest for life and an infectious enthusiasm to encourage other to live life to the fullest. Heidi equals her mother’s love of adventure but brings an insightful approach to using positive energy to achieve happiness. They both firmly believe happiness leads to activity; depression and inactivity are a vicious cycle. They share stories, insights and provide a positive message to motivate active lifestyles and positive thinking.

Ieda’s adventure started as she grew up in Iceland, then married an American sailor during WWII. Through their 70 years together, they raised ten children – Heidi is their youngest. Ieda had a successful career as an Interior Designer, has taught seminars at Community College, authored countless articles, and at the age of 88, published her memoirs. Heidi owns a telecommunications consulting company, has been a specialized trainer in telecommunications and authored two children’s books based on Icelandic mythology. Together, they have toured Iceland, horseback riding, paragliding off the southern cliffs, hiking the glaciers and exploring the cave featured in Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth. Their adventures have taken them around the US whitewater rafting, zip lining and hot air ballooning is planned! They share their thoughts on living life to the fullest and inspire others to have the adventure of a lifetime and a lifetime of adventure!

Heidi Herman
Morton, IL
(309) 202-7698

Fee Range: $0-2,500

Morton, Illinois - Will travel.

Iceland: Land of Fire & Ice, Legacy of Legends 

Take a journey inside Iceland, from Viking history to modern culture through a tour of vibrant photographs and video narrated by authors Heidi and Ieda Herman. Their presentation blends together images of surreal landscape that fostered strong mythology along stories from the Sagas with Ieda’s personal recollections of growing up in the 1930s. Modern-day life in Iceland is still strongly woven with mythology that has been so prevalent from the days of the Vikings through today. The adventure will take the audience on an expedition of heartwarming memories, breathtaking photography and fascinating historical facts.

Vikings & Sagas: Mythology and Adventure

A look at the mythology and legends from the Viking era through Modern Day Scandinavia.  Incorporates Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Iceland.

No? I thought it said "ON!"

Motivational and empowering program presented by 90-year old Ieda and her 48-year old daughter who live every day to the fullest. Both published writers, entrepreneurs and self-proclaimed adventurers, they share their zest for life. Ieda celebrated her 88th birthday by publishing her memoirs, 89th by paragliding, and her 90th touring Jules Verne’s cave from “Journey to the Center of the Earth”, Rock Climbing a 60-foot wall, AND paragliding off the cliffs in Southern Iceland.  Audiences will be entertained, motivated and leave smiling from the feel-good story of life well lived.

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