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Ewa J. Kleczyk, PhD

Topics: Education / Home Maintenance / Plumbing

Ewa  KleczykEwa Kleczyk, PhD serves as the Head of the Advanced Analytics Team at a Pharmaceutical Market Research Firm, TargetRx, Inc. Ms. Kleczyk received her PhD in Economics from Virginia Tech in 2008, and her research expertise includes pharmaceutical market research methods, as well as, household plumbing material infrastructure assessment (including pinhole leak corrosion).

She has given presentations at multiple conferences, including Pharmaceutical Market Research Group, Eastern Economics Association, and Global Conference on Business and Economics. She has been published in peer and non-peer reviewed journals, including Journal of Medical Marketing, Marketing Bulletin, Journal of Water Works, and International Journal of Business & Economics.

She has a passion for mathematics and economics, and teaches and encourages women to pursue a career in such areas.She began working for TargetRx in the new product development department as an econometrician, and was thereafter promoted to lead the business advanced analytics team. She attributes her success to her education and to the support she receives from her leaders and colleagues.

Ewa J. Kleczyk, PhD
North Wales, PA

Fee Range: $0-$1500

NY City and Philadelphia Metro Area, NJ, DE, MD. Will travel in US and Internationally

A Small Pin Hole in Drinking Water Pipes Can Mean Trouble

Have you ever thought what a small hole in your drinking water pipes might do to your house? Most likely, you have not spent much time thinking about your home plumbing system, and possible issues related to pipe corrosion. A tiny hole in your pipes, however, may cost you a lot of money and time. This session will explain how miniscule holes can create a lot of trouble for your household, and what can you do to avoid it.

Gals… Don’t be Afraid of Math!

This session is intended for middle school and high school females, to encourage them in taking mathematics and sciences as their school curriculum choices. Any young female should know what her options are, and how her life might be changed as a result of her educational choices.

Get Your Thesis Completed on Time!

Trying to complete your graduate thesis might seem like an unattainable task; especially when you are not only responsible for the document, but also for other research tasks, teaching assignments, and maybe even a full time job. If you (your students) are in this situation, this is a session for you and your classmates. During this session, useful tips related to planning for thesis/dissertation writing process will be shared with the audience, including setting realistic goals for thesis completion, breaking down goals into smaller doable tasks, and tracking the tasks on a daily basis. In addition, some useful tips will be shared to improve the efficiency and effectiveness in working with your professors involved in the research. If you and/or your students are struggling with getting the research completed, let me help you/them get back on track.


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