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Alternative Medicine

Dale Schusterman, D.C.
BGA Institute, LLC

Dale Schulsterman, Speaker on Speech Topics: Holistic Health / Alternative Medicine

Dr. Schusterman is a chiropractic physician, applied kinesiologist, and energy healer. He has 26 years experience in working with patients using nutrition, chiropractic, energy healing, and ancestral healing. He teaches how to use special hand signs to tune the nervous system to its inner blueprint. This is detailed in his new book, Sign Language of the Soul: A Handbook for Healing.

Dr. Schusterman conducts workshops/seminars/trainings and lectures to professional organizations on his research.


Dale Schusterman
Chapel Hill, NC

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Sign Language of the SoulSign Language of the Soul

Holistic Healing from the Soul's Perspective

How Your Ancestors Problems Might be the Cause of Your Illness


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