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Cathy Griggs Newton
PRT Consulting, Inc.

Topics: Education / Performance Improvement / Teambuilding

Cathy Griggs NewtonLearn to take a positive look at RISK through the captivating energy of CATHY GRIGGS NEWTON. For more than ten years, Cathy has helped thousands of professionals learn how to take productive risks in leading, learning, and living.  A former educator and coach, Cathy knows how to involve and motivate audiences. From starting her own business to physical adventures like scuba diving---Cathy is a RISK TAKER!  Her infectious enthusiasm inspires people to stretch themselves farther---handling conflict, teambuilding, organizational changes, and performance challenges with confidence.

Cathy is President of PRT Consulting, Inc and has been a full-time professional speaker since 1992. She has presented in education, health care, prevention, insurance, food service, spouse programs, and women's conferences.  Memberships: Professional Member NSA (National Speakers Association), Board Member NSA-Kansas City, AAUW (American Assoc. of University Women), Board Member AAUW-Parkville MO, Platte City GFWC (General Federation of Women's Clubs), PEO Sisterhood, and ASCD (Assoc. for Supervision and Curriculum Development).  Honors: 1992 "Who's Who in America's Teachers", 2001 recipient of "Service to Education Award" from MO Assoc. of Secondary School Principals. Author of book: RISK IT! (Incentive Publications, Nashville, TN 1996).

Cathy Griggs Newton
PRT Consulting, Inc.
11670 Baker Road
Platte City, MO  64079
 (816) 858-5806

Fee Range: $1,500-2,500

Greater Kansas City, MO/KS - Will travel

Get Back in the Swing:
Taking RISKS for Performance Improvement

    Personal growth and successful performance are essential for the balanced professional.  Achievement of these goals requires some RISK! A negative perception of risk can put blinders on your life and career.  This presentation will utilize stories, humor, and quick audience interaction to provide a POWER CHARGE to revitalize the important asset of productive risk taking:

    • SOCIAL risk taking for communication and harmony;
    • INTELLECTUAL risk taking for knowledge and imagination;
    • PHYSICAL risk taking for wellness and productivity; and
    • EMOTIONAL risk taking for attitude and character. Exercise your "risk taking muscle" and get back in the swing of taking some chances!

Teambuilding:  Catch the W.A.V.E.

    Understanding how to be a team player and how to work with others effectively are essential for workplace proficiency. Different behavioral styles can lead to paralysis or progress. Learn how to leverage differences to maximize productivity and a cooperative work environment. This presentation will utilize stories, humor, and quick audience interaction to highlight the W.A.V.E. resources/risks for building a productive team:

    • Wet & Wild (attitude);
    • Action (performance);
    • Vision (awareness of diversity);
    • Emotion (emotional intelligence)

    Catch the WAVE and expand your teambuilding assets.

The TRUTH About Teaching (or....the Top Three Reasons for Being An Educator are NOT June, July, and August!)

    Teaching is a high calling, but with it comes high pressure. Changes---in the way teaching and learning occur, the way young people are supported, and the way schools are maintained and kept safe---create a great deal of pressure for educators.  This presentation will utilize stories, humor, and quick audience interaction to re-visit the real reasons for being and staying in education:

    • Love of Learning;
    • Legacy---we touch the future!
    • And those incredible, positive HITS of emotion that you absolutely canNOT get unless you are an educator.  Remember the reasons and feel good about being an educator.
(703) 262-0361

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