motivational speaker, keynote speaker, fufurist, humorist, trainer
motivational speaker, trainer, humorist, futurist, keynote speaker, expert
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Barbara Brown
Leader Learning

Topics: Leadership / Success / Goal Setting

Barbara BrownBarbara Brown inspires managers and non-managers to become Visioning, Influencing, Performing (V.I.P.) Leaders. She shows audiences how, as V.I.P. Leaders, they can increase commitment to the achievement of goals; maximize individual, group, or organizational performance; and enhance opportunities for success.

Barbara’s current book is titled Becoming A V.I.P. Leader: Transforming Leadership Strategies for Managers and Non-Managers.  Her presentation style is engaging, uplifting, and motivational.  Barbara believes that individual and organizational success requires Leadership Skills and that Leadership Is Everyone’s’ Business.  During her lively and informative presentations, Barbara shares strategies everyone can use to Become A V.I.P. Leader.

Barbara Brown
Leader Learning
PO Box 709
Owings Mills, MD 21117-0709

Fee Range: $2,500-5,000
(Will speak for free occasionally only if there is an audience of over 50 people; if there is an opportunity to sell my books; and if there is an opportunity to have, for free, the email list of attendees.)

DC, MD, VA - Will travel.

Barbara Brown has been a speaker, trainer, and consultant since 1993.  During that time, she has inspired thousands of employees in dozens of organizations. 

Some of her attendees have said…

    “Barbara knows how to combine the right mix of humor and content in her presentations. I was just amazed at how she took a sometimes dry topic like leadership and had the audience laughing and learning.”

        --Marvin Anderson, Project Manager, Smithsonian Institute

    “Thank you Barbara for such a powerful and poignant presentation.  You made us realize that we are all leaders and empowered us to go forth and make things happen!”

        --Sara Wolfsky. Office Manager, State of Maryland

Barbara is currently preparing to defend her dissertation for a PhD. Her research addresses the impact that leadership has on employee commitment.

Barbara offers several speeches that she customizes for all levels of management and non-management employees:

  1. Leadership Is Everyone’s Business
  2. Transformational Leadership: The Key To Your Success
  3. LEAD Your Way To The Top
  4. Inspiring Commitment and Dedication
  5. Transforming Performance and Relationships
  6. Service Excellence:  The V.I.P. Leadership Way
(703) 262-0361

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