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Chuck Purcell - Ellen Purcell
Visions Unlimited

Topics: Communication / Life Balance / Relationship

Chucj and Ellen PurcellChuck and Ellen Purcell are committed to service and helping others have joy and fulfillment in their lives.  By living the fundamental tenants of the PAIRS classes they teach, and by being the best example they can be of honest, caring human connection to all others, both Chuck and Ellen enjoy teaching and learning and living life to the fullest.  Their positive energy comes from the abundant love in the universe, and they appreciate all the adventures life offers.

Ellen Purcell is a certified Master Teacher of the PAIRS (Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills) Course. She has lead 14 of these semester-long programs (120 hours of training) in Florida, North Carolina and Virginia. Ellen has presented workshops, television & radio shows and corporate trainings. Ellen teaches PAIRS with her husband, Chuck Purcell. Chuck was an Associate Professor at the University of SW Louisiana for 3 years. In the Air Force, he was a fighter pilot and instructor pilot. In recent years, Chuck has lectured at international conferences throughout the world on energy and ozone protection.

Ellen & Chuck Purcell
Visions Unlimited
Reston,  VA  22152

Fee Range: 0-$1,500

MD, DC, VA - Travel possible.

Riding Relationship Cycles:
How to Keep Your Balance and Not Fall Off!

    Why are we drawn to certain people to be in close relationship -- only to find after a while they drive us crazy? This program clarifies the blueprint we are following and gives a clear roadmap of what to do when the tough times cycle in. If you donít know this information, you and your partner may waste years of energy that could be used for pleasure together.

The Enneagram: 4500 Years of Wisdom in 2 Hours

    This fascinating personality profiling system has been around a long time, but its wisdom and usefulness is even more profound today. You will get to identify your type and that of others close to you in business and your personal life. This program will give an overview and introduction to learning a way to deal with people in an entirely new light so you can understand and connect even better.

Following Your Bliss

    This introduction to life coaching will let you experience the nature of powerful questions, which can give you deep perception into your values and driving forces on the job and in your personal relationships. Many people are ready to reassess their priorities and goals.  This coaching process will start you on that path and open new doors to your heart's bliss.
(703) 262-0361

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